Thursday, September 30, 2010

Soho Beach House, Miami

As summer fades away up here in the Northern part of the continent, we can always look to Florida for inspiration to keep the beach vibe going all year long. The Soho Beach House Hotel is about to open in Miami, and I LOVE the sneak peak photos that have been released. The patterns, the colors, and the subtle nod to a tropical colonial styling really excites me. The designer has been quoted as saying he was going for a “flip flop glamour” look. I think he pulled it off!

soho beach house hotel miami

A typical guestroom soho beach house hotel miami A suite (is it wrong to like these pastels so much?)

soho beach house hotel miamiAnother suite. The wood beams on the ceiling really add to the character of the room.

Designer: Martin Brudnizki


David Toms said...

It looks so nice and realxing abd dare I sy it ? cozy?

Michelle said...!

I love this kind of perfectness! Every fluffed pillow of it.


Marcus Design said...

Yum. I love the tension in that last photo between the chandelier and the rustic beams in the ceiling. Lovely :)
Have a great weekend Dale!