Thursday, September 15, 2011

Branding of a Beer Lounge

Sometimes bars can be over branded. Advertisements everywhere, with different brands competing against each other for the consumer’s attention. But Heineken Beer has taken a step forward in cornering the beer market in airports and will soon be popping up lounges like this in over 37 airports worldwide. This one, the prototype designed by Uxus out of Amsterdam, is in Newark New Jersey.

Heineken lounge newark new jersey interior design

I love the simplicity and effectiveness of the design. It’s obvious you’re in a Heineken bar, but it’s not overpowering. The simple dark black backdrop allows the large green logo to really stand out and be an accent design feature in the space. The glowing green bottles incorporated into the bar top are particularly genius. The white lighting, chairs, and cute dimpled bar stools also pop against the dark background.

Heineken lounge newark new jersey interior design

Vertical slotted screens and window treatments, and a dark ceiling allow for your attention to travel to either the bar, or the interesting views of the tarmac beyond:Heineken lounge newark new jersey interior design Heineken lounge newark new jersey interior design


faith | brochure templates said...

That is so true! Most bars are over branding there place with ads all over the place. Well, glad to know not all beer companies are like that.

avant garde design said...

definitely a welcome change in airport bars. i wonder if this will become a new trend, or has it and i'm behind the 8 ball? that individual companies involved in alcohol will develop their own lounges instead of being lumped in with everyone else in the typical mixed bars we are all used to. anyway, i love it, love it, love it. those bar stools? super fabulous and i love the quiet sort of sexy~ness of the whole space. thanks for sharing and have a great rest of your weekend....;)