Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Casa Moderna Miami

Formerly the Tempo Hotel, the Casa Moderna Miami is a 56 room boutique hotel which has a very fresh and contemporary feel to it.  I love the citrus tones and wood used throughout, and also that accessories and soft furnishings (often over looked) are used in abundance to give the whole property a homey feel.
This is a typical guestroom.  You can never go wrong with crisp white bedding.  The accent bolster adds some pizzaz to an otherwise neutral color scheme.cm1
I love how the bathroom runs the length of the room, which allows for exterior window by the bathtub.  The shower and tub room are also combined behind the glass partition, which adds to the feeling of spaciousness and allows light to penetrate. 
A couple of suites are friendly, but not overly stuffy:cm3cm5 Article supported by The Range

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